If downloading the file doesn’t work you can cut/paste this into an email or word doc and send it to us.

Date: _____________________

Name(s): __________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

Phone #(s) – do you text? _____________________________________________________


What litter(s) are you interested in? (Please provide names from the website or list the timeframe you are looking to bring your new puppy home.)

What sex and size puppy do you prefer?

What color range do you prefer? (http://ozarkmtngoldens.com/colors-of-goldens/) Go to my website then from the More Info drop-down select Colors of Goldens.

What aptitude score do you prefer? (http://ozarkmtngoldens.com/aptitude-testing/) Go to my website then from the More Info drop-down menu select Aptitude Testing.

What characteristics are you looking for in a dog?

Why do you want a puppy? (Select all that apply)

How many people live in your home? (Please provide ages and relationship)

Have any members of your family ever experienced animal-related allergies?

How long have you been actively looking for a new dog?

How would you rate your general knowledge about the breed?

If you have other pets please provide the name, type, and age. Are they spayed/neutered?

Have any of your dogs ever had puppies or do you plan to breed?

Have you ever trained a dog in obedience classes, hunting, protection, nose work, etc? If yes, what titles? Do you plan on enrolling in obedience training or other classes, and/or competing in such events?

Have you ever shown or titled a dog in confirmation events and do you plan to show or compete in confirmation events?

Please provide the name and phone number of the vet you use for your current pets and/or the name/phone number of the vet you used for previous pets.

Where will the new dog spend most of his/her time?

Where will the new dog sleep at night?

Where will the dog stay when no one is home?

On average how many days a week will the dog be left alone? What is your daily schedule?  How long are you away from home on any given day? On average how many hours a day will the dog be left alone?

If the dog becomes ill or injured, are you financially prepared to provide the medical care? Have you looked into pet insurance? If so what company?

How would you best describe your residence? Are you renting? If so what restrictions do you have? Do you have your landlord’s permission to have a dog? Can you provide proof?

Describe the area the dog will use to go to the bathroom. (size, fenced, public/private, etc)

What exercise plans do you have for your dog?

Were you referred to me? If so, by whom? Otherwise how did you find me?

Anything else that you think that would be helpful for me to know?