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My Thoughts on Spaying or Neutering your Golden Retriever


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The recommendation as to when to have your Golden Retriever spayed or neutered is an evolving discussion. As more research is done it gives us a fuller view of the long term risk factors involved. I'm starting to collect links to helpful information in regards to spay/neutering. To summarize what research I’ve done is that is almost every circumstance it is best to wait unit a male at least 1 year of age before having him neutered. Males that were neutered before a year of age had almost double the risk of hip dysplasia (HD), cranial cruciate ligament tear (CCL), and lymphosarcoma (LSA). Females had a higher risk as well, but when they were spayed after a year of age the chances for hemangiosarcoma (HSA) and mass cell tumor (MCT) increased. See the charts below for a summary. 

Contractually I will not allow one of my puppies to be altered before 6 months of age. Growing research suggests that I should increase that to 12 months of age.








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