In order to confirm your interest in purchasing one of my puppies, I accept deposits. The deposit amount is $600 (20% of the price) and is non-refundable. Deposits are only accepted with prior approval.
Final payment is due no less than two days prior to your puppy’s delivery date if you aren’t picking up your new puppy. The deposit amount will be deducted from the final fee.

How My Wait List / Selection Process Works:
Once the puppies are closer to 7 weeks of age we will start evaluating the puppies. All puppies will be aptitude tested. The information you provided on the questionnaire will assist me in making recommendations to you on which puppies I think would be the best fit. When that time comes will have a more detailed discussion about the puppies and make the selection together that works best for your family.

Forms of Payment Accepted:
I accept cash, direct transfer from Bank of America or Zelle money transfers. I will also accept a personal check.
PayPal, Venmo, and Credit Cards will add a 5% fee. You can send PayPal or Venmo as Friends and Family and avoid the fee.

How do I place a deposit:
Send a personal check. For Bank of America or Zelle use the email ($600)

Call me and use any major credit card over the phone. ($630)

For Venmo or PayPal use @OzarkMtn. ($630 if sent as business payment – $600 if send as friends and family) The last four digits of the phone number are 9149.